On September 28, 2014, multiple Athens-Clarke County police officers working as a team helped save a life using tools found in their department issued Buddy Kits.

Just after midnight the evening of the Georgia vs. Tennessee football game, officers responded to Cloud, a bar on East Clayton Street in Athens, Georgia, to a report of an injured person. The first arriving officers observed a victim suffering from an apparent stab wound to his leg. Recognizing the wound would be fatal if not quickly treated, the responding officers called for a Buddy Kit and applied a tourniquet and pressure bandage to stabilize the patient for transport to the hospital.

Once the severe bleeding was stopped. The victim was carried to an ambulance, and officers continued to render aid. One officer drove the ambulance while another officer rode in the back of the ambulance with two paramedics and tended to the wounded patient.

The victim survived his wound thanks to the lifesaving actions of Athens-Clarke County Police officers.

The audio from the officers’ radio transmissions captures the intensity and seriousness of the incident. We have attached an edited version of the publicly available radio transmissions. The entire incident spanned more than 30 minutes. We have edited the radio traffic down to 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

One officer’s heroism and leadership stood out among the rest. I expect that come early 2015 you will hear tale of Officer Dan Whitney receiving the Buddy Christian Foundation Life Saving Award.